Service Awards

Each year, CPN awards specific members of the organization who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and service to CPN of NC. The Kurt Ryback Memorial Serivce Award is given as a tribute and honor to charter CPN member Kurt Ryback- nominations are made by the current board of directors, click here to view the criteria to nominate. The CPNI Collins Cooper Service Award is given in memory of Collins Cooper, nominations are made by the current CPNI Board of Directors - click here to view the criteria to nominate.

Congratulations 2017 Service Award Winners

2017 CPN Kurt Ryback Memorial Service Award
Leo Stepansky,Shelco, LLC

Leo has served as a CPN board member, membership committee chair, Annual Confernce commitee chair and will tackle the role of Sporting Clay chair in 2017. Thank you Leo, for the time and dedication to CPN over the past few years. 

2017 CPNI Collins Cooper Service Award:
Mike Burriss
, MBP Carolinas, Inc.
Tori Small, Westcott Small & Associates
This newly established service award recognizes the efforts of a CPN member whose outstanding service to the community over time reflects the principals of both The Institute and CPN of NC.  Mike has served as a CPN & CPNI Board of Director, CPN President, CPNI Chairman and was instrumental in establishing the organization of the CPN Institute. Tori has also served on both CPN and CPNI board of directors, held the position of both CPN President and CPNI Chairman, her leadership was crucial in setting up the sucession plan the way it is today.

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