Star Awards

The Star Award represents a symbol of excellence, and someone or something designated a star thought to be pre-eminent. The award program is to recognize and promote professionalism and excellence in “star quality” projects.

The Star Award honors chosen projects that are the most outstanding new construction projects in the State of North Carolina, that is selected on the merits and challenges of the project by an objective group of judges. The Star Award represents a symbol of excellence and is the highest achievement in the Design and Construction industry.

Only three “Star Awards” are given annually. One for projects of total construction costs under $10 million, one for projects $10-$25 millions, and one for projects greater than $25 million of total construction costs. 
The “Star Award” presentation is held each year at our Annual State Conference where winners are announced during the Black Tie Gala. Click here to see past winners. 


2017 Star Award Recipients

Under $10 Million
PTIA Terminal Ceiling and Office Renovation Project - Greensboro, NC

CPN Member Participants
Conner Gwyn Schneck PLLC                                                J.D. Clark & Associates
Richard Conner, Kelli Goss, Jim Schneck, Jay Wilkerson     Dev Clark
HICAPS, Inc.                                                                        Lindsey Architecture     
Peyton Fairbank, Dan Hood                                                  Emily Hinton


Hoffman & Hoffman                                                              SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Rusty Hoffman                                                                      Aaron Bopp, Chuck Cardwell, Stephen Robinson


Between $10-$25 Million
Union Square Campus - Greensboro, NC

CPN Member Participants
Brooks Pierce                                                    Labour Source
Arty Bolick, Bob Saunders, Jeff Oleynik             Terry Lester 

Chandler Concrete                                             Rentenbach Constructors                               
Dan Goley                                                          Chris Brummel

ECS Southeast, LLP                                           S&ME, Inc.
Sun Breza, Brian Maas                                       Manan Adhyaru


Gateway University Research Park                     SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc.       
John Merrill                                                       Aaron Bopp, Chuck Cardwell, Stephen Robinson  


Hoffman & Hoffman                                           UNC-G Facilities Design & Construction
Rusty Hoffman                                                   Matt Takacs


Over $25 Million
Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness - Greensboro, NC

CPN Member Participants
Chandler Concrete                                            Schneider Electric, Inc.
Dan Goley                                                         Maurice Harrison

D.H. Griffin Construction Company                   SKA Consulting Engineers
Gary Rogers                                                      Aaron Bopp, Chuck Cardwell, Stephen Robinson

ECS Southeast, LLP                                          Sharpe Images
Sun Breza, Brian Maas                                       Zane Sharpe


HICAPS, Inc.                                                      UNC-Greensboro
Peyton Fairbank, Dan Hood                                Matt Takacs


Rentenbach Constructors
Chris Brummel













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